When to use LickiMat® ? (for dogs)

Used by Experts all Over the World

Animal behaviourists, vets and dog trainers have confirmed that using the LickiMat provides your pet with a pleasurable experience and that repetition re-enforces the connection between the pleasurable experience and other events, for example you leaving home - replacing what was previously an anxious experience with something pleasurable.

Of course, relieving your dog's  anxiety helps relieve your anxiety!  It is a real win-win.

Never feel guilty leaving your dog at home !

The most common use of a LickiMat for dogs is to support your dog with separation anxiety when you are leaving your home.  You can use it for any occasion when you leave your home, be it in the morning if you go to work, when you go out shopping, or any other time. Through repetition, your dog will associate you leaving the home with a pleasant experience and this changes the nature of the transition from a negative and anxious to a positive and soothing experience.  It is that simple.  This is the fundamental tenet of dog training: positive reinforcement.

Please ensure you are comfortable that your dog will not chew the LickiMat. You should supervise your dog when introducing them to LickiMats and observe their behaviour and interaction with the LickiMat and different treats. Please remove the LickiMat if your dog shows any tendency to chew the mat. You should always consider using the LickiMat Tuff if you are intending to leave your dog alone with the LickiMat at home - they are chew-resistant and virtually indestructible.

Of course, you can use the LickiMat at any time of the day or night for your dog when they deserve a treat.  LickiMat will distract your dog whilst you eat your dinner or any other occasion you need your dog distracted and quiet.  No yelling, no pressure, just a small treat that won’t fill them up and keeps them calm even after the treat is finished.

In addition to treats, you can use LickiMats as a complete feeding system for small and medium-sized dogs!

Oral Health for Your Best Friend, Without Overfeeding

You can use the healthiest ingredients in putting together spreads suited just for your dog.

LickiMat also lets you treat your dog without overfeeding them because of the way that the cleverly designed patterns on the LickiMat hold small amounts of food or treat that can only be ingested by licking action, as opposed to chewing or gulping.

Different patterns on different models of LickiMat suit different treats and foods of differing consistency and structure.

Having fun and enriching your dog’s life

You will discover that you will enjoy watching your dog enjoy their LickiMat.  You will be amazed at how long treats will last as your dog works its way through the LickiMat.  Make sure you look closely at how much of their tongue will contact the LickiMat during the licking motion – all because it soothes the dog and they want as much of it as possible

Dog Trainers are in love with LickiMat

There are currently thousands of dog trainers that are using LickiMat as a tool to help with dog training.  Whether you are working on a dog barking at everyone walking through the door (or trying to change any other behaviour), or trying to calm your dogs through fireworks or thunderstorms, LickiMat is the perfect long-lasting healthy treat and distraction device you can use without the risk of over-feeding.

You can use LickiMat Tuff™ and Deluxe™ to take your dog’s favourite treats with you when training outdoors - without any mess.

Will my dog chew and destroy the LickiMat??

Many owners are rightly concerned that their dog will chew and destroy the LickiMat.  If you have any doubts, you should purchase the LickiMat Tuff™ – this range is great for teething puppies and naughty dogs that chew almost anything.  The Tuff is much stronger, with a Polypropylene back and fused rubber surface so it provides an identical licking experience to the classic LickiMats, with identical surface.  The Tuff models are also fully dishwasher safe.

A Product Range Specifically Developed for every Situation

Dog groomers are increasingly using LickiMat Splash™ to help keep dogs distracted when they are getting groomed or bathed.  You can use LickiMat Splash at home in exactly the same way they use it at the salon.

The LickiMat Wobble™ is a perfect boredom buster that you can use at any time.  The   Wobble will roll around and challenge the dog in attempts to lick the treat spread on the inside.  You get all the benefits of the LickiMat with a long-lasting boredom busting experience.

LickiMat Wobble Fun Boredom Buster Slow Feeder Anxiety Reliever


You can use your LickiMat to deliver medications and supplements mixed in with their favourite treats and food (please check to ensure compliance).

You can even use LickiMats as a tongue brush and digestive aid after meals!

A Perfect Feeding Bowl for Small-Medium Dogs

LickiMats are being increasingly used by dog owners that are "ditching the bowl".  LickiMats allow you to slow down your dog's feeding and prolong their enjoyment of the meal or treat..

The structure of the LickiMat Slomo allows for raw, wet, dry and liquid foods (and treats) to be served at the same time in an elegant feeder without any mess!  

Let's Get Creative with LickiMat !

You can emulate many of the boredom busting characteristics by freezing the LickiMat with the spread.  This will take a lot longer for your pet to work through whilst also making it easier for you to pre-prepare the LickiMats and stack them in the refrigerator.

You can use the LickiMat as a substitute for a slow-feeder for dogs like Labradors by spreading the meal across multiple LickiMats.

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