Golden Retriever and Labrador Puppy balanced meal with LickiMat® Slomo™

Weight management for a growing puppy can be tricky and it is easy to overfeed them, especially golden retrievers and labradors! By slowing down the feeding, your puppy will be less likely to gulp, suffer from bloat and generate more saliva to help with digestion.

The LickiMat is a no-mess slow feeder with two separate feeding textures. Soft bumps for kibble, raw meat and yoghurt as deep pockets for holding raw, wet food and liquid food (including bone broth). You can always add healthy food and treats as recommended by your vet – please always take care when introducing new foods to your dog.

The plate design makes it easy for puppies to access their food. The LickiMat Slomo is microwave safe, freezer friendly and 100% dishwasher safe.