Where to use a LickiMat Splash?

4 Uses of the LickiMat Splash to keep your dog happy and stress free

If you’ve ever looked for a way to keep your dog occupied in a wide variety of situations, the the LickiMat Splash is for you! With its high quality suction cup, the LickiMat Splash can stick to all sorts of surfaces. Simply spray the surface with water and press down the Splash in your preferred location and your dog will take care of the rest!b

Here are some creative uses of the LickiMat Splash!

  1. Bath time - Sometimes bathtime can be an anxiety inducing experience, depending on your dogs personality, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply spread one of your dogs favourite treats onto the surface of the LickiMat splash (peanut butter is always popular) and your dog will happily lick away.
  2. Long Car trips- Some dogs love car trips while others can become stressed and need a good distraction. Sticking a LickiMat Splash to the inside of the rear window can keep your dog occupied for good portions of the trip.
  3. Grooming and Nail Care- Similarly to bath times many dogs are hesitant to let anyone touch their paws, let alone clip their nails. However if there was a tasty treat in front of them, your dog will be much more calm during the experience.
  4. Fireworks - While these celebrations are a fun time for us humans, we are well aware that our furry friends do not feel the same way. Engaging them will one of their favourite treats spread over a LickiMat Splash is an effective way of helping them cope with the stressful noises going on outside.

    LickiMat Splash Turquoise stuck on bath wall feeds dog

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    Dogman Kristiansand